Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to request a verification of a license/certificate/registration if the status is not current/active?
    Yes. In addition to the license/certificate/registration details, a verification reports discipline history which enables the Board to make an informed decision regarding licensure.

  2. Do I need to use the Board's Verification of Licensure form?
    No. This form is a courtesy form. The Board accepts all agencies' forms.

  3. Can the verification be emailed to the Board?
    Yes. The agency can email the verification directly to the Board,

  4. Can the verification be faxed to the Board?
    No. The Board will not accept a verification by fax.

  5. Do I need to verify a national registration/certification if I was issued a state license/certificate/registration?
    No. You are only required to request a verification of your national registration/certificate if you did NOT obtain a state specific license/certification/registration.

  6. Does the Board have contact information for other state agencies?
    No. You are responsible to contact the agency who issued your license/certificate/registration directly for assistance with obtaining the verification.

  7. Can I request a verification of a license/certificate/registration prior to submitting my application for licensure?
    Yes. Documents supporting an application are retained for one year and will be added to the applicant's file once the application is received and reviewed.

  8. I am having difficulty contacting the California Department of Public Health regarding a verification of my Certified Nursing Assistant certificate. What does the Board recommend?
    The California Department of Public Health suggests the following:
    • Do not mail the request. Email the verification request to
    • Do not attach any documents to the email. In the body of the email include your certificate number, complete name (including an alias), date of birth, current and previous mailing address and the last four digits of your social security number.
    • No fee is required.

  9. I received a license from another state/agency after I submitted my CA application, what do I do?
    Alert the board of the change by emailing with your name in the subject line and request a verification of the new license.