Fingerprint Card Requests

Fingerprint cards should only be submitted if you reside outside of California or are unable to obtain live scan services in California.

Fingerprint Card Instructions:

  1. Obtain two (2) fingerprint cards (FD-258) directly from your local law enforcement agency, authorized agency, or by contacting the Board by email at, or by phone at (916) 561-8780. When submitting requests by email, please include your name and address. Fingerprint cards are typically mailed within 1-3 business days.
  2. Complete all areas on both cards as indicated in the example.
  3. Visit a local law enforcement agency, or authorized agency, to be fingerprinted. The fingerprint impressions must be distinct from each other as DOJ/FBI may reject fingerprint cards containing identical impressions.
  4. Mail the completed fingerprint cards to the Board for processing. DO NOT FOLD THE CARDS.
  5. If not previously submitted, include the fingerprint card processing fee ($49) with your fingerprint cards.

Fingerprint cards are submitted to the DOJ/FBI for processing on a weekly basis. The results of your background check are electronically transmitted to the Board within 2-4 weeks.